1. The Western doctrine of “more freedom = more happiness” has become an emptier than ever promise.  As humans, we need some level of freedom. But too much freedom can actually be damaging. Mark used the illustration of 3 options for toothpaste are better than 1 option of toothpaste at the store, but 30 optionsContinue reading “3 INSIGHTS FROM MARK SAYERS AND CAREY NIEUWHOF’S CONVERSATION”

Faith Conversation Guides for Parents

A discussion about faith looks different at every phase. It can be talking with a preschooler about Jesus being God’s Son or with a student who is having doubts for the first time. These phase-specific Faith Conversation Guides are here to help when the need arises, so you’ll be ready to talk to your childContinue reading “Faith Conversation Guides for Parents”

April 19 Kids DLife lesson and…

April 19 Kids Dlife Lesson:  Thomas Believed Step 1) Go to digitalpass.lifeway.com Step 2) Log in or create an account (free) Step 3) Click the LifeWay Kids (or Preschool) at Home icon on the main page of Digital Pass Our Fruit of the Spirit for the month of April isPATIENCE Patience is something we are all workingContinue reading “April 19 Kids DLife lesson and…”

Preschool Lesson for April 19

PARENT’S RESOURCE LINKS: FOR THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 19 PRESCHOOL DLIFE LESSON: THE BEGINNING New lessons are posted each week. We are starting back at the beginning of the book. This week’s lesson for Sunday, April 19 is “The Beginning” pages 7-13 . Enjoy sharing this lesson with your children! THE BEGINNING PGS 7-13: April 19 Video TheContinue reading “Preschool Lesson for April 19”

How CCB is Responding Locally!

On Easter Sunday, right around noon, right in the middle of a global pandemic, where people were celebrating Easter quarantined in their homes, an F-3 tornado struck our area. This tornado first touched the ground in the Bawcomville area and didn’t lift back up until it was past the Monroe airport. It mostly traveled throughContinue reading “How CCB is Responding Locally!”

UNITED WAY /// Local Help

United Way NELA 211: is linking people to resources on the following topics (see attached graphics)  *   COVID-19 information *   SNAP benefits *   Tornado sheltering requests https://bit.ly/2z0Uokd *   Tornado disaster assessments United Way NELA is addressing the following:  *   COVID-19: We are addressing food security, food access, and housing stability with the money raised from our UWNELA COVID-19Continue reading “UNITED WAY /// Local Help”

Local Volunteer Opportunity

Samaritans Purse is organizing volunteers to help with local clean up! The first SP orientation will be tomorrow at 12:30pm at WFR Church, 3201 North 7th Street, West Monroe. Beginning Wednesday, orientations will begin at 7:30am and 12:30pm. Orientation will only be required the first day someone volunteers. Bring sturdy work boots, jeans, gloves (SPContinue reading “Local Volunteer Opportunity”

April 12 Lesson /// Preschool

PARENT’S RESOURCE LINKS: FOR THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 12 PRESCHOOL DLIFE LESSON: JESUS IS RISEN & JESUS RETURNS New lessons are posted each week. We are going over 2 lessons again this week. Jesus is Risen Pg 453 and Jesus Returns Pg 459. Enjoy sharing this lesson with your children! JESUS IS RISEN PG 453: AprilContinue reading “April 12 Lesson /// Preschool”

Easter Family Events & April 12 DLife Lesson

Parents, Enclosed are 2 great opportunities happening online this weekend.  The Easter jam is geared for Easter Sunday fun and the TBN/Sight and Sound production  is airing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   We usually do not have DLife on Easter Sunday but since we will be at home anyway I thought I would attach theContinue reading “Easter Family Events & April 12 DLife Lesson”