COVID-19 UPDATE / New Service Times

Now that we have been given approval to meet, Cedar Crest will have services at the church on a modified basis beginning this Sunday May 17th.  The modifications will be based on the ideas of our being careful, cautious, and compassionate. (You knew that they all had to start with the same letter, right?) JWe will absolutely monitor any issues that surface in the next few weeks and make adjustments as needed. 

Beginning with the services this Sunday, May 17th, the following modifications will be in place:

1.       We will have worship services at church again with 3 different worship times available to attend. This will help us comply with congregational numbers limitations and distancing requirements. The service times are as follows:

·         8:30AM  (This service will also still be live streamed as usual on our website and Facebook Live.)

·         10:00AM

·         11:30AM

2.      All on-line platforms through our Blog and Facebook (Tuesday Devotional, Thursday Bible Study and 8:30am Sunday Live Stream Service) will continue as we are currently doing.

3.      We will use our round white tables in the worship center to accommodate distancing requirements.

4.      We will ask family units to sit together around the tables and couples can sit across from one another at the tables.

5.      On-campus Adult Life Groups will be optional. Distancing rules still do apply for Life Groups.  Child care will not be available at this time for on campus Adult Life Groups.

6.      Face covering will be required for the protection of those around you.

7.      Worship team will not wear facemasks to sing but will be asked to wear them when they come off the platform.

8.      Greg will not wear a mask during the preaching time but will when not on the platform.

9.      Hand sanitizer will be available around the campus.  Hands-free sanitizer stations are on order.

10.   There will be no Children’s Church for the remainder of the month of May.  We will have things for the children to work on around the tables or you feel free to bring things for them to work on from home.  

11.    Nursery will be open during each worship service for children 3 and under.  No check-in will be required.  No snacks will be served during worship.  Workers will be wearing face covering.

12.   No preschool, children or student Life Groups during the month of May.

13.   Coffee station in the Worship Center will not be open.

14.   We will not be having mid-week services  on campus thru the month of May.

15.   We will have worship folders available to be picked up not passed out.

16.   We will have baskets available for our offering, we will not be passing plates.

17.   We will not have an assembled choir in the choir loft thru the month of May.

18.   All bathrooms, hard surfaces, floors and chairs will be disinfected each week after Sunday services. 

19.   All exterior entrance doors will be propped open, greeters will be distanced from the doors.

20.  Please refrain from any personal contact in the form of handshakes or hugs.  We must be careful and cautious!

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

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