1. The Western doctrine of “more freedom = more happiness” has become an emptier than ever promise. 

As humans, we need some level of freedom. But too much freedom can actually be damaging. Mark used the illustration of 3 options for toothpaste are better than 1 option of toothpaste at the store, but 30 options isn’t better than 3. When we have too many options we actually begin to get “choice anxiety.”The gospel of secular salvation promises that you can find meaning by exercising your ultimate freedom and doing exactly what you want whenever you want. Our Western culture has chased this message for years, but Coronavirus is showing that we need a social fabric and structure to live in more than we need ultimate unlimited freedom.

2. The crisis demands a new approach to problem solving. 

The West approaches problem solving very differently that Eastern countries. Western countries set a goal, see it on the horizon, and do everything they can to reach that goal. They look for what exactly they will need, and they find it. This approach works until something gets in the way of your strategy.Eastern cultures take a very different approach that we can learn from. They look at the field of play ahead of them, and they ask themselves how they can take advantage of what is already out on the field. Mark thinks that Christians are going to have to adopt this adaptable mindset in the months and years to come.

3. Personal renewal will become the key to corporate change. 

Mark thinks that the question that every leader needs to be asking right now but isn’t is, “What does God want to do inside of me during this crisis?” When you look throughout history, almost every single major spiritual event was preceded by a leader’s personal internal revival.Mark has learned from one of his mentors that, “Personal renewal precedes corporate change.” So, we as leaders can respond to this crisis practically all we want, but he doubts that we will truly see world-change unless we sit with God and hear what he truly has to say to us about what he is calling us to do.


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