CCB Livestream Goes International

I got the following email from Vlady. Our live service truly is International. Double stream feed with English to Bulgarian translation.


“Just as a note of encouragement, this past Sunday a bunch of Bulgarian pastors followed your morning (our evening) worship service via Facebook. I was having a video prayer conference with Georgi, Nachko, Vergil, Slavi and Mitko (all of them in the Lom region), something we’ve been doing on a regular basis these days over Messenger video chat. And just as we were getting ready to dive in prayer, my Facebook feed popped up with pastor Greg preaching. We postponed our prayer for a while; I switched on an iPad of the Cedar Crest live service, and as Greg was speaking, I was translating live for these five pastors. I cannot even begin to explain their excitement to hear God’s word coming live from Louisiana to Lom via double stream feed! It was like a miracle happening in real time before their eyes. We followed about 10-15 minutes until pastor Greg wrapped his message up and your music team proceeded with a worship song. Afterwards, on the backdrop of your worship, we moved onto our prayer. I’m adding two snapshots of this translated trans-vision, for your encouragement.” 

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