Specific Things We Can Pray For

Here are a few things that can help us pray during this time:

National Prayer for Covid-19

Pray for godly wisdom for our national, state and local leaders. 

Pray for those who are sick with the corona virus. 

Pray for those families who have experienced loss during the corona virus pandemic. 

Pray for our new heroes: Healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, support staff. Pray that they will be able to have enough personal protection equipment and ventilations. 

Those doing research in a vaccine and treatment for the corona virus. 

All of our first responders, law enforcement officers, fire fighters and EMS personnel. 

Those working in grocery stores and stockers and cashiers. 

Those working in pharmacies, pharmacist and all other employees. 

Workers producing all of the supplies needed to keep the country running.

Truck drivers who are transporting needed items across our country. 

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